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At Tiny Wings, your children are encouraged to learn according to their own pace and to grow in a safe, secure, and enjoyable environment. We are dedicated and committed to preparing your children emotionally, physically, and mentally for a successful future. We care about each and every child as an individual; we strike to nurture each child’s own growth. Our staff at Tiny Wings create daily stimulating activities and lesson plans designed for each individual child so they can explore their interests at their own pace.

We offer two different programs: Montessori, and Montessori & ECE combined, depending on your preference and what is best suited for your child.

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To provide a safe, developmentally appropriate environment for all children to grow and learn. Dedicated to preparing each individual child emotionally, physically, and mentally for a successful future, we focus on providing a stimulating educational experience. We make their childhood experience memorable, helping them develop a lifelong love for learning.

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